Django - Real estate web application mini project


This mini project, titled “Django - Real Estate Web Application,” is driven by my goal as a Data Engineer to gain a profound understanding of a robust backend framework, with a specific focus on Django.

Focus Areas:

  • Data Handling: Explore Django’s capabilities in efficiently managing and interacting with data, crucial for handling real estate information.
  • Backend Strength: Emphasize the strength of Django’s backend architecture in building scalable and secure web applications.

Learning Goals:

  • Develop proficiency in building models, views, and templates to create a functional real estate application.
  • Understand Django’s ORM for effective database integration and management.
  • Implement user authentication, authorization, and deployment on Digital Ocean or AWS Cloud
  • Significance: This project aims to equip me with practical skills that bridge my data engineering background with web development, enhancing my ability to create data-driven and efficient applications using Django.

Git repo:  

1. Listings


2. Realtors


3. Admin


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