Human Resources Data warehouse project

Great purposes:

  • Developed a robust data collector using Streamlit application and a Cloud Database.
  • Designed and managed a non-relational staging database to ingest data from Jira (Track recruitment activities), Humi, 1Office, and performed web scraping from the Breadstack career site.
  • Successfully tested and integrated data from additional sources (Trello, Snipe-it, LinkedIn Jobs)
  • Implemented a Postgres data warehouse for the HR project to make unified Human resources data model.
  • Developed extract, transform, and load (ETL) pipelines to move data from various sources to staging, and from staging (including Streamlit app) to the data warehouse.



Data warehouse model


Data Collector Application

Streamlit, plotly, deta space

In this project, I use Streamlit to develop a Data Collector Application to gather metrics data from Business user.
Data from Data Collector will be stored in Cloud Database (Mongo Atlas)


Staging Area

NoSQL Database: MongoDB

Use Pymongoarrow to read data from MongoDB and take advantages of Pandas-struct field.

Using non-structured database for staging area will take the advantages of data retrieval from different data sources and we don’t need to take time to ensure the data source structure. On the other hand, It can make the extract and load process will be fault tolerance and easy to scale.

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