Streaming Reddit Data with Confluence Kafka & Pyspark on fastAPI


The project is a robust streaming pipeline built with FastAPI, Kafka, Pyspark, Cassandra, Spacy, Redshift, and Grafana. It provides a scalable and efficient architecture for processing and analyzing data from Reddit in real-time.

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Project Architecture


FastAPI serves as the core of the API layer, providing robust data validation using Pydantic models. The API allows users to start and stop streaming threads for specific subreddits, enabling real-time data ingestion.

Kafka and Zookeeper form the backbone of the messaging system, ensuring fault tolerance and high throughput. With three brokers, Kafka provides a resilient and scalable platform for handling large volumes of data. The integration with Confluent Schema Registry ensures data consistency and compatibility across different services.

Kafdrop serves as a monitoring tool for Kafka, allowing users to track topics and messages across brokers. This facilitates easy monitoring and debugging of the streaming pipeline.

Pyspark is used for distributed data processing, enabling efficient data transformation and analysis at scale.

Cassandra acts as the backend database for storing structured data, providing high availability and scalability for storing Reddit submissions and related information.

Spacy is leveraged for natural language processing tasks, enabling advanced text analytics and sentiment analysis on Reddit submissions.

Redshift serves as a data warehouse for storing and analyzing large volumes of structured data, providing powerful querying capabilities for deriving insights from Reddit data.

Grafana offers a rich visualization platform for monitoring and analyzing data metrics, providing real-time dashboards for monitoring the performance of the streaming pipeline and analyzing key metrics.

Overall, the project offers a comprehensive solution for processing and analyzing Reddit data in real-time, enabling users to derive valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

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